Missionary Helen B. Hicks

Mother Helen HicksMissionary Helen Hicks was born in Glendora Mississippi to the proud parents, Clarence and Lucinda Burrage.  The family moved to Shreveport Louisiana when she was only 6 months old.  Helen was the fourth child of 11 children, 3 brothers and 7 sisters.  Helen was so blessed to be born into a family with holy parents.  Because of the early teaching of her mother, and the experience of the Church of God in Christ Sunshine Band, Helen received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost at the tender age of seven.  The older saints often referred to her as “our little saved missionary.” 

Missionary Hicks often speaks of her ability to raise funds for the church and write grants.  She feels that this is a gift from God.  Around the age of nine, Missionary Hicks was singing in Law horn LA. And was overheard by a wealthy Caucasian man

Who said, “Because this little girl is singing so loud and she is so brave, I’m going to give the church the land to build a new church.”  This church still stands today

Another miracle God provided was the family being inspired to move to Seattle WA. in the spring of 1956.  God has truly blessed Missionary Hicks in the beautiful new land.  Missionary Hicks is a graduate of Garfield High School.  She received her Certificate of Teaching in Early Childhood Development from the Seattle Community College.  She is the only wife of the Supt. James E. Hicks Sr., the mother of four children, two daughters, Angelia and Jackie  a Son, James Jr. (Deceased) and a niece, Missy.  She is also the proud Grandmother of seven and the great -grandmother of one.

Missionary Hicks is the First Lady of the Unity C.O.G.I.C and the L. J. Green District.  She loves the Lord and really enjoys people.  She knows she would not be complete without the wonderful and supporting members of the church.  She has a great sense of humor and always sees the glass as half full, not half empty.


She is the founder of the Tiny Tots Development Center, which has been in existence for 36 years.  Missionary Hicks serves in the following capacities:


·         President, Unity Women’s Dept.

·         Advisor, Mother’s Board

·         Bible Band Teacher

·         First Lady, L.J. Green District

·         NAACP member


She has previously held the following positions:

·         President, Minister’s Wives Unit #1, WA

·         President, State Greeters

·         National Task Force Member, COGIC Women’s Dept.

·         State Executive Hospitality Committee (served 15 years)